Evenit: Your event, our passion

The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams…
(Eleonore Roosvelt)

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Evenit from the Latin "happens" and we know that nothing happens by chance ... behind every successful event there are strategy, creativity, rigor, organization, attention to details.

Evenit, officially established in July 2014, it is the result of an entrepreneurial project by some event professionals who have put together resources, skills and experience and who want to be a creative and reliable partner for their clients, always and everywhere.
Evenit has experience and passion, solidity and motivation that make this business reality a safe reference in the world of events.
Reliability, correctness and personalization are our guidelines

We Love What We Do

We’re a full-service event management company that delivers exceptional quality. We provide certainty, impact and results, every time.
Certainty, because we take care of all details from start to finish. Impact, because we devise strategies to maximize audience engagement.
Finally, results that ensure you meet your business objectives and a return on your investment.

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Your event, our passion

We are dreamers who have followed their passion and made it a profession.
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